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PPS (PowerPoint show) is the PowerPoint file that can be opened by starting slide show directly instead of opening the editing view. You can “convert” a PPT file to PPS file simply by changing the file extension from .ppt to .pps. To play a PPS file, you should have PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer installed on your computer.

Quite often, you might have received a PowerPoint presentation with a .pps extension rather than the normal .ppt extension from others? Why? No presentation is created for presenting to the author only. A presentation must be shown in front of a group or wider range of audience. PPS can bring you to the slide show view directly, any better ways? I don’t think so. Now, another problem, why do we want to create a PowerPoint show?

A. Deliver to your families or friends but do not want it to be modified.

B. For business show

C. For some celebrations

D. For teaching or training


In fact, we can modify the PPS files by renaming the extensions breezily so if you want to send your presentations to others and keep your presentations original, PPS is not the best choice.

Let’s see PPS for business show. It is the good idea to use PPS for business show because it can economize the advertising fee. The most important thing is we can design and revise our advertisement easily if we want to, the hardware we need is a computer with PowerPoint Program installed and a projector.

Using PowerPoint for celebration like anniversary celebration, graduation ceremony and birthday party is also a judicious decision. It impresses me much when I was invited to a graduation ceremony with my seniors. They created a wonderful slideshow and put lots of pictures which are the wonderful memory of their college life.

I don’t know if you have noticed that there are some inconvenient things when we use the PPS for the business show. Or maybe you have been puzzled in the birthday party without a projector. We may just have computer, DVD player and TV in some situations. Did you imagine that converting your presentations to DVD and then playing your slide show on a DVD player?

LCD TV is a flexible and useful piece of technology. Now flat screen TV’s such as LCD and plasma are used for a multitude of purposes and in a variety of locations such as outdoor streets and super markets. At home we have TV sets and DVD players, why not take the advantage of these machines and play your slide shows on them?

OK, now it’s a thing about converting PPS to DVD, or burn PPS to DVD.

PowerPoint does not have the built-in ability to save presentations as video files or other video formats such as DVD-Video and, even if it did, there would be significant loss of interactivity (because DVD-Video and PowerPoint slide show have very little capability) and visual fidelity (DVD-Video resolution is less than typical computer display resolution and most television sets will not render colors the same way that computers display). And how can we do this?

Two solutions of converting PPS to DVD:

1. Windows Movie Maker (WMM). This program is available in Windows XP or Vista, so you probably have had it if you have the operating systems on your computer. But the troublesome thing is, you must save the presentation to a series of images and then import all the pictures into WMM. Click on Import Media and select the pictures you want to make a movie. Finally you can use a third-party DVD burner to burn the movie you made to DVDs.

The advantage of this method is that it won’t spend you a cent, but all animations, transitions and videos will be discarded.

2. The professional PowerPoint to DVD conversion tool.

UFUSoft PowerPoint to DVD Pro empowers you to convert your PPT or PPS to DVD with DVD menu powered and then burn it onto a disc. Then you can play your PPS presentations on DVD player with a TV set.

After converting your PPS to DVD, you no longer have to worry about that others will modify your presentations, if the projector or computer are available in the meeting situations. Just enjoy your time when designing the business show and celebration with your DVD player and TV.

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